Haute couture private event production in Italy and beyond
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Each event starts with a concept to craft a story, a sensorial experience for your guests that will become legend. A good party combines surprise, happiness and a theatrical element that accompanies guests through each stage of the day and leaves them with a collection of memories to take home. It involves months of planning to select the best talents, to search for the most amazing location and to define a project that might strip it apart and re-dress it completely to achieve the dream vision. Most of all, it involves inspiration, passion and hard work.


You always made us feel like every detail of our event really mattered to you. Your attention to detail, organization, sense of style and work ethic surpassed everything we hoped for.
I hope you have had a good rest, you were ON FIRE the whole weekend, always churning up the energy levels and making everyone smile! We just had THE BEST time ever, all the moments filled with passion, love, warmth and friendship.
I was just reminded how I used to wake up every morning and look forward to receiving emails from you and plan the absolutely most special event in my life.
Most of all, I appreciate you staying true to all the things that I noted as important to us and bringing all those things to life.
Sometimes a moment of kindness can mean so much to the person who receives it and yours was unquantifiable.
Amalfi Coast